We believe in the principle of sowing. Whatever we sow we will reap. We strive to empower and uplift those that are in  need. We will go out of way to make a difference. 
COBE/CMAC has contributed to various projects including building mission homes, sponsored clothing, food , medical assistance, responding to houses that have been burned down , supporting childrens homes and families that are destitute. We have also build a Church/Orphange in  India  contributed towards projects in Lusaka & Mozambique and earmarked further building projects.

Further to this we have placed and arranged training for our students in many Top companies such as Nampak, Lignotech SA  ,BSN Medical(PTY) LTD and Rainbow Farms(PTY) LTD

We have partnered with Cima and sponsored value added worshops , giving the students insight and business skills to pass the exams.Cima_value_added_worshops.docx

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